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Our Story

Natural color diamonds have been reserved for royalty for centuries. In the 1980’s the Pancis family worked with King Baudouin of Belgium and was introduced to natural fancy colored diamonds. They have since become known for their expertise in natural color diamonds throughout the jewelry and diamond industry.


The image above is a photograph of the

Journalist to the king, Kurt Gruenebaum and

King Baudouin taken in 1969. Kurt Grunebaum is

Pancis Gems focuses on spreading the beauty, knowledge, and rarity of natural color diamonds through the elegant designs that Rarest Rainbow Fine Jewelry has to offer. Their vision is to transition the art of fine jewelry with natural color diamonds. These diamonds are rare, always one-of-a-kind, and no two colors are ever the same. These attributes allow Pancis Gems to create an identity that is unique to every customer.

Pancis Gems and Rarest Rainbow promises to provide exceptional price points for natural color diamonds that the world has never seen. It is their duty to eliminate the obscurity of natural color diamonds and provide ways to spread thebeauty to your customers.

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